Light Play is an interactive kinetic installation by Robot Army duo, Sarah Petkus and Mark Koch. This collective of delta robots reacts to physical input as a mean to simulate the experience of controlling a vast array of machines as an extension of the body. One could think of the project as a prosthetic form of expression, manifesting visually as a mechanical field of grass.

To fund the production of their army, Sarah and Mark got the maker community involved by offering their robot design as a kit on Kickstarter. For every unit sent to a supporter, they are adding an additional robot in the ever growing installation. All of the code they develop will be available to use and hack, from integration with motion capture peripherals, to less complex emotion mimicking routines that turn an individual robot into a living characters. For more information, visit :

If you're interested in learning how this project evolved from a robot made of recycled togo containers and plastic hangers, visit: 

Events Conquered

DefCon ( August 2014 )

Downtown Podcast Interview

San Mateo Maker Faire 2014 ( May 2014 )

Las Vegas Mini Maker Faire ( April 2014 )

SYN Shop Talk Interview

Upcoming Deployments

Post-Kickstarter Celebration (Nov or Dec)

West Coast Hackerspace Tour (Spring!)

View the Long Exposure Gallery : Family Photos