I'm making an interactive light installation that involves building A LOT of delta robots. To gain exposure and gather the funds I need to take production to the next level, I'm Kickstarting my design as a kit for other DIY enthusiasts to build.

My delta robot is made from plastic pieces which snap onto ball bearings with U joints. They are driven by standard sized servo motors and have a nifty little brain powering them which uses the same chip as the arduino and is completely hackable.


If you've ever thought about building a delta robot... this is your one stop option for doing so. Everything you need from the parts, to the PCB and code to run it are all included in my kit.

Even if you've never worked with electronics or assembled your own robot before, my kit is user friendly for even the most inexperienced techies.

For those of you who are seasoned makers, the delta brain included in this kit is fully hackable. It uses the ATMega 328 as its brain (the familiar chip on the Arduino) and is broken out so that you can make use of all the pins for your own projects.

If you have no interest in hacking the kit or doing something unique and new with your robot, then consider your delta your own personal light show. It's likely the most impressive night light you or any of your firends will ever see.

If you don't care to make a robot at all but want to see a nerdy girl dance around in the center of a massive sprawl of robots she is controlling with her brain... then I encourage you to support me and my art installation by grabbing one of my vinyl stickers, or buying a poster.


The hardware : Each kit will come with everything needed to assemble one of the robots you see to the right. The list of materials includes: (6) arms, (3) servo paddles, (1) end effector, (3) servo brackets, a mounting platform, ball bearings, and servo motors.

The brain : Each kit will come with the brain PCB... assembled and ready.

The software : Each brain will be loaded with some basic delta robot math which will tell the robot how to move. This code will be open for anyone to use as a starting point for their own projects... So whether you want to automate your delta, or integrate a remote control, you'll be able to get full use out of the chip on the PCB.


These are a rough idea of the things I'll be offering to my backers once the kickstarter goes live, so expect them to change slightly as we get closer to launching this project.

Tier 1 : For $5 you will get a 3'' x 3'' vinyl stick of the project logo, The Robot Army Starter Kit and the warm fuzzy feeling that accompanies knowing you supported my plot for world domination.

Tier 2 : JUST THE TIP : For $10 you will get a special custom printed end effector on a key ring that has the project logo embossed on the backside. Show off your tip!

Tier 3 : Interested in supporting my cause? For $25 you'll get a color 11'' x 17'' print of the original illustration I made for this campaign.

Tier 4 : For $55 you'll get a signed 11'' x 17'' poster from the limited run of 100 prints.

Tier 5 : For $95 you get the Robot Army Starter Kit (assembly required) with all the bells and whistles I mention above.

Tier 6 : Not interested in building a robot, but want one? For $250 I'll send you a finished product, hand assembled and in working condition along with a signed and numbered 11"x17" original illustration.

Tier 7 : This is my patron status spot. If you really want to see my installation a reality, for $1000 I will include everything from Tier 3 as well as etch your name, logo, or handle on the acrylic base of one special delta robot that will stand out from all the others and be a permanent part of the installation.


Depending on how many kits I sell, I have different plans for production.

If I reach my minimum goal of 500 kits, I will continue producing my parts in house with my fleet of Replicators. This means the parts are 3D printed in PLA and will take a little longer to stock up on, so I will be shipping the kits out in batches of ten to twenty to the earliest supporters.

If I reach an order number of 1000 units, I will have the delta robot pieces CNC milled over seas.

If I reach an order number of 2000 units, I will then have enough funding to cover the cost for injection mold set up. The turn around time will be a little longer as the set up for the molds will take several months, however I will receive all of my parts in one sum.

1.22.14 Final Stretch
1.13.14 Kickstarter Video Do
1.10.14 CES Week
1.4.14 Preparing the Army 
12.12.13 Kinect + Kinematics
12.4.13 Kinect Success!
12.2.13 Delta Goes to RobotsConf in Florida
11.25.13 Ditching The EEG
11.21.13 Cuddling My Spreadsheet
11.20.13 Progress and Blue Smoke
11.13.13 Project Light Play GO!