Light Play is an interactive hive of miniature delta robots made from 3D printed parts which act as a mechanical prosthetic for enhancing self expression. The movements of the individual robots are choreographed by a single participant's physical gesture, resulting in simultaneous feedback in the form of movement and light patterns that mimic the motions of the body.

Origins: To fund the production of their kinetic army, creators Sarah Petkus and Mark Koch involved the maker community by offering their robot design as a kit on Kickstarter. For every unit sent to a supporter, they have added an additional robot to the ever growing installation.

Progression: By May 2015 Light Play will expand to include a total of 84 individual delta robot nodes. The creators are currently investigating new input devices to use with the installation in order to enhance the interconnection between the user and the hive.

If you're interested in learning how this project has evolved, visit : Robotic Arts

Events Conquered

Bay Area Maker Faire ( May 2015 )

DefCon 22 ( August 2014 )

Las Vegas Downtown Podcast Interview

Bay Area Maker Faire ( May 2014 )

Las Vegas Mini Maker Faire ( April 2014 )

SYN Shop Talk Interview

Upcoming Deployments

Post Kickstarter Coming Out Party

First Friday Las Vegas

About the Creators: Sarah Petkus and Mark Koch

Sarah is the project designer and propaganda master, responsible for imagining and producing the physical aspects of the installation, as well as promoting it on social media with illustration.

Mark is the electronics engineer drawing on over 20 years of experience in Silicon Valley. As an expert at circuit design and code writing, he sews the technical seams of the project tightly together.