Our project consists of 84 individually addressable delta robots that collectively respond to physical gesture with patterns of motion and light.

The robots react to discrete hand movements via the LEAP Motion sensor. The sensor is installed in a podium in the center of the installation, giving the user an immersive personal experience of control. This 2016 iteration of our kinetic sculpture represents our latest development efforts in human to machine interaction.

To fund the production of our robot army, we involved the maker community by offering our robot as a kit on Kickstarter. For every unit sent to a supporter, we have added an additional robot to the ever growing installation.

If you're interested in learning how this project has evolved over the years, visit Robotic Arts to see our documention!

Events Conquered

Windmill Library - Las Vegas, Nevada (April 2018)

Enterprise Library - Las Vegas, Nevada (October 2017)

Fine Arts Gallery - College of Southern Nevada (March 31 - April 29 2017)

Bay Area Maker Faire 2016 (May 2016)

Las Vegas MINI Maker Faire 2016 (Feb. 28)

Bay Area Maker Faire (May 2015)

DefCon 22 (August 2014)

Las Vegas Downtown Podcast Interview

Bay Area Maker Faire (May 2014)

Las Vegas Mini Maker Faire (April 2014)

SYN Shop Talk Interview

Upcoming Deployments

(undergoing triage and expansion!)

About the Creators: Sarah Petkus and Mark Koch

We are an artist duo who specialize in making interactive kinetic sculptures! By combining character design, engineering, and robotics we create unique mechanical art meant to stimulate an interpersonal experience between human and machine.

Sarah is the project designer and propaganda master, responsible for imagining and producing the physical aspects of the installation, as well as promoting it on social media with illustration.

Mark is the electronics engineer drawing on over 20 years of experience in Silicon Valley. As an expert at circuit design and code writing, he sews the technical seams of the project tightly together.